Samstag, 1. März 2014

Anyone Can Sell Houses Without A Broker

I've noticed that there's a trend these days to sell property without an agent. That's what I've been doing for many years, selling houses myself as a real estate investor. And now I've seen quite a few homeowners selling houses by owner. Hopefully, they have marketing plan set up for themselves, but the fact is that the majority of sellers probably have not thought about the process at all, and those who choose to sell houses without an agent may not have everything they need to make a sale.

As it happens, some lucky sellers find their qualified buyer right away, and others know a friend or a neighbor with a need to buy a house for someone to live nearby. It's great when that happens. While these situations can work well for everyone involved, there are still issues to deal with as far as the sale is concerned.

Because I have bought and sold real estate for a couple decades or more, I can say for certain that no home sale is guaranteed to be fast and easy. Selling a house without an agent should be prepared for some bumps in the road at some point. Anyone who has sold a house will confirm what I'm saying, because selling a house is definitely a project, and it is guaranteed to take up quite a bit of time and energy in the life of every seller.

Need to know how to sell your house? Real estate agents and sellers prefer to avoid a marketing phase to go on for months or years, but these days a lot of sellers have had houses on the market for more than a year. I'd really like my readers to take note and explore ways to simply keep their houses and live in them if possible. But it circumstances are such that it's not possible, sellers need to be prepared to expend a lot of their time and effort to find their buyer and to sell their house in this market.

Of course personal situations often leave sellers very little choice but to pursue a sale, even if the market is not ideal. If your life circumstances are such that you must sell now, please try to obtain as much information as possible about how to sell houses without an agent before undertaking the project. You will really need to know how to move through the various phases of a sale transaction, starting with finding your own buyer, and that's true even if you choose to use an agent to close your transaction.

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